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Katharine Jemmett

Welcome to The Studio @ksjbodycontrol. 

I am thrilled to invite you to work with me as I share over 20 years experience of helping people of all ages, genders, shapes & sizes to connect mind & body, & move well.

At my Studio in Surrey, UK, (just 30 minutes from London), I offer 1:1 & small group training in the Classical Pilates Matwork Repertoire, with the addition of Remedial/Sports Massage where needed. 


Journey with me to connect mind with body, release what is not needed, build length & strength & move your body from the inside out..


Join me at my Studio where I use a variety of remedial massage & stretching techniques to help relieve muscular aches & pains, whether physical, emotional or stress related..

Client/Instructor Testimonials

Zayna Gold. (USA)

PIlates Master Instructor 
Balanced Body Education

Melita Bottoni. (UK)

Pilates Instructor

Jennifer Beamer. (USA)

Pilates Instructor

Tina Cohen. (UK)

Pilates Instructor

"Sorry if I keep repeating myself but I love your workshops. Your strength, grace and control really inspire me - thank you lovely Katharine. 👏🏻👏🏻😘😘😊😊

Claire Watts. (UK)

Remedial Massage

"Katharine has been treating me for a few weeks now and she has given me without doubt the best massages I have ever had. I'm I dancer and have had a fair few over the years!! The fact that she also teaches Pilates is fantastic as her understanding of  stretching, posture, core strength I also need to work on makes a huge difference to me. Massage and Pilates are such a great combination.  I feel so lucky to have found Katharine." 

"I met Katharine a year ago at a workshop and it was love at first sight. I had been following her on Instagram for a while, she was someone whose work I appreciated and valued but I never thought she would totally transform both my practice and my experience as a Pilates teacher. I now train with Katharine over Skype on a regular basis.

Katharine is highly knowledgeable, patient, caring and encouraging. She has deep knowledge of human anatomy and body mechanics,  her passion for Pilates is contagious!

“Mentoring is an essential part of our teaching journey.  Mentors inspire, challenge and support us.  They give us the tools and the confidence to become successful and satisfied Pilates Instructors. 

Katharine Jemmett is the ultimate Mentor whether you are an aspiring or experienced instructor.  She is inspiring because she brings the core philosophy and principles of Pilates Method into her own life as an instructor, a mother and a business owner. She challenges you to be your best with her deep knowledge of Classical Pilates.  And she will support you with her compassion and unconditional acceptance of your own personal Pilates style.

I recommend Katharine as a mentor and a role model. She will bring you to your own next level of Pilates life and career.”

I am reading your Ebook and LOVE it!!! Thank you for your devotion to sharing your wisdom and Grace💖💫🤸🏼‍♀️

Please write more! I absolutely love your ebook. The clarity of cues, diagrammed and photographed to enhance visual learning, répétition of cues for learning, your joyful radiant spirit aging through in your photos, application to daily life (critical!) and I reread excerpts regularly!

This was fantastic while taking international flights; your words guided me to focus on powerhouse and alignment rather than the long crowded hours in airports! Thank you🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼Your work is so important and deeply appreciated! 💖💫🤸🏼‍♀️


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