I am so happy to welcome you here.

Whatever age, size, shape, ability, level, gender, I am here to help support you on your Pilates Journey.


With over 23 years of teaching experience, & my own personal journey of body image issues & breakdown, I fully understand how tricky it can be to begin..


Pilates has been fundamental in rebuilding my mind & body right from the inside out.


So please pick up the phone, & call me for a free chat, allow me to listen to you, so I can then explain how Pilates can help support you in your onward journey.

I am Katharine, I turn 50 this year, & I love my work.


I come from a background of Sports Therapy, with focus on muscular dysfunction whether originating from physical, or emotional stress, or indeed direct injury.


I understand how the stressors of everyday life can impact the body & change the way we move.


Our lifestyles dictate our movement patterns, & this is where my journey & fascination of Pilates began.

My Inspirations

Leon Chaitow, Naturopath & Osteopath, has been instrumental in my whole body approach, & how the power of intuitive hands-on bodywork & the understanding of the mechanics of mind and body can literally transform.

Joseph Pilates, & his Classical Pilates Matwork Repertoire has taken my understanding of movement to a whole new level. His integrated approach of connecting mind & body to enable us to listen within, work with control, to rebalance & rebuild the mind & body right from the inside out is life changing.

I love to work will all levels of student, from novice right through to Instructor Mentoring. 

Those experiencing body image & self esteem issues have my heart. 

With a history of Anorexia & Eating Disorder in my younger years, I understand how challenging & complex life can be, especially with so much distraction from social media & the innate pressure this can bring to the individual to be a certain shape, size, weight or build.


This is external pressure, & my love is to help others build a balanced mind & body beginning right from the very centre.

What is Pilates? (To me)

Pilates is fundamentally an exercise which works the whole body right from the inside out. 


The Classical Pilates Matwork Repertorie is a set of 34 whole body exercises. It is challenging, advanced, & an incredible workout for life!! And this is where I am always heading with my students, but adapting to an appropriate level for the individual.


However, we can also take the fundamental principles of Pilates & apply them to everyday movement.  


In a single session, we can literally strip back what we don’t need via ‘release’ to re-establish the frame of the body.. 


From here, we can re-build a fully connected way of moving for everyday living which will improve posture, create an elongated frame, free the joints, & create a system of movement which maintains balance, length & strength.



Depending upon where you are currently placed in your life, what you are looking to achieve, your level of commitment & concentration, this will dictate the way we will work together.

For this reason, & for you to get to know me, I offer a free chat via phone, facetime, zoom, skype, where I can listen to your individual set of circumstances, to best assess how I can support you in beginning or developing your Pilates Journey.


I offer the following ways to train:


Live Training Via Skype:


1:1 Training Sessions, one hour/two hours/3 hours


Live weekly Instructional Classes (1:1 needed prior to this unless you are an Instructor)


1:1 Instructor Mentoring


Monthly Instructor Workshops


Recorded Training Resources:


eBook sharing the fundamentals of Pilates for Everyday Movement


Fundamentals Warm Up Series


Instructional Classical Classes




Advanced Classical Workouts




So please do get in touch, so I can listen to you & advise on how best to get started, or indeed which of the above training tools may help develop & support your onward journey.

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