“Thank you so much again! I can feel a big difference & better understand my own body & where I need to work. It's amazing what two classes can do! Thank you!”

Deya @beezarre_pilates
Mat Class - Live Workout

"Thank you so much for this evening, absolutely fantastic, you are so amazing! I can’t wait to practise with you in another Class!"

Nadine @perform2perfection
Magic Circle - Live Class

"Your sessions are really helping with my lower back pain & loose my hip flexors. Thanks so much!"


"I am truly so happy to have spoken with you today & I thank you again for your kind attention & sharing of wisdom. I appreciate your valuable time, insightful, focused & strategic coaching."

Jennifer @empowerpilatesmalibu
Skype - Instructor Mentoring

"I really enjoyed it, thank you Katharine, I was surprised at how much you got through!! Definitely worked more intensely wit the circle & I love your cues!!


‘So much to take away & lots to think about’


‘Bought the recorded version to do in my own time! Would highly recommend!"

Becca @becca.pilates
Magic Circle - Recorded Class


"Oh my glutes are on fire from this yesterday! Fab Class! I’m seriously out of practise & loved it! Thank you for helping me reconnect, I’ll see you next week!"

Jo @lifebalancepilates
Mat Class- Live Workout

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