Istanbul, Turkey

'A Powerhouse Focused magic Circle'

 through the Classical Mat'

10th -12th, April 2020

Instructors Only

A wonderful opportunity for Pilates Instructors worldwide to join together in Istanbul, Turkey, to learn, be inspired, & further develop their Pilates Repertoire & teaching skills. In its second year of running, this informal, supportive & engaging environment with ten International Presenters & Master Trainers, will move you to your very 'core' & challenge every part of you; mind, body & soul.

A Powerhouse Focused Magic Circle - with Katharine

Come & join Katharine as she helps you to connect further with Joseph Pilates' number one tool, The Magic Circle. This ingenius aid will not fail to engage your core & get you moving from the inside out.

Katharine will take you through some of the Powerhouse Classics where the Magic Circle comes into its own to enable you to find your Centre, & build length & strength.

A fun, informative & practical Workshop to deepen your connection & move well.

Rotate Through The Classical Mat - with Katharine

With over 20 years teaching the Classical Mat, Katharine will help you to connect mind & body, centre your weight, & move your spine through Rotation on the mat.

Always adhering to the six Classical Pilates Principles of Concentration, Centring, Breath, Control, Precision & Flow, you will work in Standing, Semi-Supine, Long Sitting, Prone Lying & Four Point Kneeling, to effectively rotate your spine with length.

Come & join Katharine for a fun, informative, & fully connected Pilates flow & show your spine some LOVE!

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