Remedial Massage

Following a comprehensive Sports Therapy training in 1996, with further studies in Soft Tissue Manipulation with Osteopath & Naturopath Leon Chaitow DO NA, I now work with clients presenting with all nature of soft tissue problems at my Home Studio in Surrey UK.

Whether your muscular aches & pains result from postural issues, direct trauma, overuse, work/sport/stress related origins, or general fatigue, I draw from over 20 years hands-on experience to provide a management programme which will ultimately give relief & help you return to 'normal' functioning.

My aim is always to provide the tools to educate & empower my clients to better understand the all-important mind body connection, & work towards good body use at ALL ages & stages of life.

I work alongside a team of Reigate Osteopaths on a cross-referral basis where necessary, so both structure & muscle balance can be treated & managed as one fully integrated whole.

How does Katharine work?

  • Katharine will first establish your objective for treatment. 

  • She will suggest a treatment plan appropriate to your lifestyle.

  • At each appointment the treatment plan will be reviewed.

  • Homecare advice/exercises are given in-between sessions.

  • Liaison with or referral to other Healthcare Practitioners is offered with client consent. 

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