Classical Pilates

Here I detail the six Pilates Principles or 'non-negotiables', & this is what I teach wholeheartedly to my clients.

'Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, & elevates the spirit'. Joseph H Pilates (1883 ~ 1967)



Connect mind & body, establish areas of tension, & begin to find your relationship with your mat.


Align & connect with the centre of the body to prepare for support.

The Breath

Access the ribcage to breathe well.


Connect with the deeper lying muscles to support the aligned frame.


Draw from all of the above to build the Pilates Powerhouse, the 'Energy Centre' of the body from which all movement initiates.


Challenge the Pilates Powerhouse with movement using the genius opposing two way energy of 'Pilates Opposition' to create length.

These Pilates Principles, when understood & incorporated in everyday movement can literally transform body & mind. In doing so we prep the body for the Classical Pilates Matwork Repertoire, a sequence of 34 beautifully choreographed whole body exercises which work the mind & body together right from the inside out.

How Does Katharine Work?

  • Katharine works with clients & instructors of all abilities to achieve both short & long term goals, & she will discuss your aims & objectives before sessions commence.

  • Katharine offers the flexibility of one hour/half day, full day, & weekend training sessions to suit your needs, & Instructor Mentoring Sessions are also offered.

  • In all sessions, Katharine works closely with the Foundational Pilates Principles to help you connect mind & body & truly work from the inside out, regardless of age, size, gender, & ability.

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