In a world where our working environment is changing by the day, with more & more people working from home, wellness & the ability to help ourselves both physically & emotionally to continue to work well is of the utmost importance to both employer & employee.

With over 23 years teaching & practising this incredible Pilates Method to a variety of individuals of all ages, sizes, shapes, genders & abilities, my focus is now to help others understand & more importantly feel the fundamentals of Pilates & bring these life changing principles into everyday movement, wherever that may be.

Let me help you & your business bring Pilates into YOUR workplace.. Office, home, bedroom, dining room, garage, or other, we can work together & undo the ‘forwardness’ of our daily lives, connect mind & body, & find length & strength from within, to work efficiently, economically & effectively..

I provide a bespoke service for the individual business, drawing from the following tailor made options which can be provided in person, virtually via Zoom, pre recorded, or as a written manual or pdf.

Tutorials on specific topics such as:

• How to Sit & Stand Well • How to Stretch Effectively • The Breath • 'The Powerhouse’ in the Work Environment

Fully Instructed 5/10 minute Stretch/Strength Combos • End of the Day Release/Rebalance Combos.

• Fully Instructed Classes designed to counter the mental & physical effects of the specific business involved.

• Workshops or Presentations drawing upon any combination of the above detailed areas.

Please do get in touch via email here: to arrange a meeting via Zoom to discuss how best I can help you, your employees, your business.

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