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COVID19 - Trying to find a Balance..

A few thoughts purely from my own experience..

A big subject right here, & I'm not quite sure where to begin as so much has changed..

Where would you begin to describe how this pandemic has affected you?..

For me this period has been a huge adjustment.. From completely reinventing my business, to supporting home schooling, to a lack of human contact, physical touch & in person communication, & a complete breakdown of day to day structure & routine..

Panic, fear, unknowns, misinformation & uncertainty are just some of my immediate recollections..

Sound familiar???

Having said this, in hindsight, there are many positives too.. From working mainly 1:1 in person & hands-on with my clients, I have had to find new ways of communicating through a screen.. I have had to dig deep & come up with new verbal terminology to convey my instructions; this has been mentally exhausting, BUT these are new skills, which I can now begin to use in other situations too..

Classes I never expected to be hosting online are now a twice weekly occurrence, bringing forth different options for my clients to train.. The social aspect is such a joy & brings me great pleasure to see clients & instructors alike sharing their new 'alleluia moments' & encouraging one another online..

The world has become a smaller place with Skype & Zoom uniting countries so we can all

train together from across the ocean!! It blows my mind that in a one hour instructional Pilates class, Spain, India, USA, Australia & me in the UK can move together & develop this incredible Pilates Journey..

Mental Health

What has helped you?

For me, I list the following:

  • Getting up early to have some headspace to think, to process, to make daily lists

  • Lighting a candle to bring some calm

  • COFFEE!!!!!

  • My Faith to remain true to what I know about myself & continue to be that person no matter what is changing all around me

  • Feeding myself with good food to remain healthy & clear thinking

  • Pilates to focus the mind, take care of my body & remain centred from within

  • To remind myself that life does not stand still, that through difficulty, new paths arise, new doors open, & new possibilities evolve

  • To get outside whenever possible:

  • I love to walk to a beautiful oak tree just a 10 minute walk from my house. It reminds me that its roots grow deep, that it is firmly grounded & has weathered many storms.. Yet still it stands tall, continues to grow & carries on regardless...

  • I love to create; my garden is such a joy.. To dig, to nurture, to feed, to weed, to plant, all depending on how I may be feeling.. Such a great way to get what's on the inside OUT!!!

  • To walk; walk anywhere to create movement when life feels static, to find my breath, to centre & grow taller, get up a pace & remind myself that I can, that I am able, & when I feel I can't, I have a God who will provide the strength needed to continue.. All I have to do is to be true to me & allow Him to work from within..

  • This brings trust, & trust is everything..

Over To You

I'd love to hear your thoughts..

How do you cope, what has this crazy period meant to you, & how have you adapted in order to accommodate the changes all around?

Sending love, keep well & keep please keep safe.. xxx

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