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Video Interview About Pilates & How To Begin

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

How cool to be invited by the lovely Vivian Saltos to join her infamous IG Series 'Pilates Chat'!

It was so great to have the opportunity to chat freely about my thoughts on Pilates including how overwhelming this can feel for beginners, body image issues, how I began, how my body has changed from pre pilates to now, & so much more!!

Check out the 20 minute video below & let me know your thoughts..

Did any of the topics covered resonate with you?

  • Have you ever felt self conscious/inadequate before going to a fitness/pilates class?

  • If so, has this stopped you from going or participating?

  • What would have helped you to feel more able to begin or join?

  • Have you considered taking a 1:1 Pilates Session to begin or support your journey?

  • Has the interview above clarified your understanding about Pilates & if so what has changed in your understanding?

  • As a result of watching this interview, would you feel more comfortable about beginning?

Please comment below & let's challenge these issues as they are more common than you may think.. x

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