• Katharine Jemmett

My Boy - DiggyDog - Let me introduce you...

16 years old, rather stinky, with poor eyesight, terrible teeth, stiff hip joints, weak back legs, & a little dementia, I love this mini schnauzer regardless!!.

An animal lover through & through, I have a deep respect for all creatures..

This boy has seen me through some pretty tough times.. They say a dog is a man's best friend & I wholeheartedly agree!

His world most certainly revolves around his tummy, no question about that!! There have been a number of occasions during this last year where we have nearly lost him, literally saying good bye, when his nose will sniff out some food, the munching begins, his soul revives, energy is restored & on we go!!

Long may it last!!!..

What are your experiences with these furry family members, I'd love to hear!. xxx

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