• Katharine Jemmett

What Pilates Means To Me!

OK so this is a biggie!! With a journey of over 23 years teaching Pilates, this is what it gives to me..

The frame of my body is as long & as wide & as elongated as it can be..

With this as my foundation, my muscles & soft tissues build in balance around this long & strong frame. My movement, in my day to day life, enhances this, by becoming my 'Invisible Workout'.. Thank You Brooke Siler x

Can you relate to this? I'd love to hear whether if on your own pilates journey, you combine the work on your mat into your day to day? Or if you've never worked with Pilates, does this approach make sense to you? Let me know!!!

The Classical Pilates Matwork Repertoire then challenges & strengthens the 'invisible' work, so as I continue to age, my joints remain balanced & free, my inner muscles remain active, & my superficial muscles remain long & lean.

Sound good to you??? Check out my ebook 'Discover Your Pilates Powerhouse - The Foundation of Pilates for Everyday Movement'.

Add good food to this, get outside & move as much as possible, breathe & remain centred on an emotional level by allowing myself the space to acknowledge, process & accept what I am fearful of..

Scary stuff.. Being alone with your thoughts is a challenge; do you give yourself headspace when feeling overwhelmed, or do you push through the mayhem & just carry on?

For me this is not good news, I have found over the years that if I don't take the time & space to process 'what is', anxiety can creep in, thoughts become confused & very quickly my clarity of mind & inner peace is lost.. Sound familiar? Let me know!!!

So for now I trust the journey of remaining in touch with what presents, endeavouring to be kind to the self when feeling overwhelmed & disabled. I find that this gives me the ability to be the best I can be, keep true to myself within the mind & body I have been given, allowing myself to continue my journey to LIVE & SHARE & GROW & FLY!!

I'd love to hear your experiences of how you cope with life's challenges; we are all quite rightly so different, & what works for one person does not necessarily work for another, but sharing our experiences can be so insightful, & can produce a shift which can be life changing..

Thank You Joseph Pilates for giving me the tools to connect mind & body, to use this empowering Method to enable me to LIVE MY LIFE & in doing so help & encourage others to live, love & nurture their beautiful minds & bodies too!!!

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