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Recorded or Live Training?

So you maybe be aware that I offer both live training (ie in person via Skype, Facetime or Zoom), & pre-recorded training videos that you watch/practise in your own time..

Why Is This?.

When the COVID19 pandemic hit & lockdown became enforced, live training was my only immediate option to keep teaching the Pilates I love..

I have been teaching via Skype all over the world for some years now, so the transition was not huge, BUT as this became the only way to train I became increasingly aware that many clients were not comfortable seeing themselves on a screen let alone to watch themselves work out..

Body Image

The issue of body image is huge!! And it saddens me greatly to know that this covers a huge age range from teens right up to those well into their 80s..

I also realised very quickly that many were uncomfortable looking at their bodies in detail when it came to finding balance & alignment in standing, & that this actually became a distraction to listening within to find balance through the centre of the feet.

I empathise hugely; I come from a history of body image & self esteem issues growing up, so I know these feelings well..

As a result it became important for me to give my clients & indeed any prospective clients, different options of ways to train, to be able to find alternative ways to listen within, create some inner space, & find balance & connection with both mind & body.

In Response..

I therefore recorded all my weekly live Instructional Classes to make them available to those who felt happier working at their own pace, in their own time, without having to watch themselves move on a screen.

As soon as three classes have been recorded & edited accordingly, they are now uploaded onto my Recorded Training Shop for you to purchase at the same cost of a class, £10. There is no subscription fee, this is a one off charge & the recording is yours to keep & work with.

In addition to this, I have also recorded a series of specific tutorials focusing on some common areas where I have found support has been needed over my 23 years of teaching. This series has proved invaluable to help clients work through specific 'tension' areas of the body which can 'block' movement, & as a result, enable them to better access the instructional classes & workouts.

It is incredible to think that way over half of my training is now currently taken via my Recorded Training..

Once clients embark upon this journey, confidence is built, the cues become familiar, & the transformative journey of Pilates has begun!

Slowly but surely these gorgeous clients have transitioned to my Live Classes, or now join me with 1:1 Training to fine tune, thrash out, ask questions & begin to deepen the journey they are now firmly on!!

Please Get In Touch!

So if timings don’t work for you to train with me live, or you are not yet ready or comfortable to work in person, please do go & familiarise yourself with my way of instructing, either by beginning with The Fundamentals or take a couple of the Progressive Classical Classes & let me know how you find them!

I would love to hear from you!!

I welcome your ideas & feedback about what you would like to see here, so please get in touch, or leave a comment in the Comments Section below, & let me know how I can support you!

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