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Feeling Sluggish?

Question: Too Much Sitting???

Answer: Add Walking or HIIT to your day!!!

It struck me today that the amount of time I spend sitting since being completely home based has gradually increased from around 20% to 70%!!!!!

Sound familiar???

I find this seriously shocking, but this is the reality of my current life!!!

  • The school runs have stopped

  • There is no rushing around to teach in different places

  • My clients no longer come to my studio for me to work directly with them hands-on, scrabbling around the floor!!

  • No more sports massage

  • All of my work is now through a screen, whether teaching & giving instruction, updating my website, managing my social media, or having any kind of conversation.

  • And although I get on my mat, I work the Classics, I move & connect mind & body right from the inside out, this is not general day to day movement...

I feel sluggish, my low back is not happy, & I know this is not good for my own mental


So What To Do???

Make a commitment to move, & move more, EVERY DAY!!!

It does not need to be crazy, it simply needs to be more than I'm currently doing, & realistic to fit into my day!!

My number one choice would be to walk, to get outside, get up a pace, bring in my Powerhouse, & stride as far as to challenge my Powerhouse but not compromise it..

To ensure I elongate through the spine, find the breath in the back of my ribs, create length through the front line, width through the top line, & strength through the back line!!

Everything I do on the mat, just simply taking the very same principles & applying it to my walking.. Sound good? Need some pointers? Check out my eBook 'Discover Your Pilates Powerhouse'!!

20 to 30 minutes, & done!!!

So Knowing Myself Well, What Are My Likely Excuses?!?

  • It's raining

  • I haven't got time

  • I need to be home

  • DiggyDog can't walk with me!!!

We All Need Alternatives..

So here's mine!!

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training

This fabulous alternative to move is simply brilliant!! I have used HIIT many times in the past to kick start my metabolism when feeling sluggish..

So What Is HIIT?

Just 10 mins of simple functional movements, performed as quickly as possible for 30 seconds on, rest for 30 seconds & continue in this way for the 10 minute session..

  • For me, the speed is dictated by my form, keeping to the pilates foundations as mentioned above for walking.

  • If we maintain an elongated frame of the body during our movement, whatever that be, the moving muscles lengthen & strengthen rather than bulk out & shorten, whilst the deeper lying supportive muscles remain active to support the frame, keeping it long, wide & strong.

Need some help to get started? Why not book in for a 1:1 session & we can go through all the basics needed to get you up & running based upon what's appropriate for you!!

In today's Instagram post @ksjbodycontrol I demonstrate 10 stripped back functional movements which can be used as part of your HIIT program.

This will give you an idea of the kinds of functional movements we can build into your program.

They will be sufficient to get you started, but as always, please do get in touch if you're not sure & need some help!!

Sound good?!?!

Give it a go, & let me know how you find it!!!

So there you have it, two options to get you up from your chair, wake up the body, clear the mind, increase the blood circulation, find your core, lengthen & strengthen, & reduce the sluggish feel of sitting & feeeeeeeeeel better!!

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