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Why Release?!?

My first IG Live Chat done, dusted, & I loved it!!!

Invited by the gorgeous Henna Sethi @hennasethipilates to join her live to discuss the subject of 'Release"..

Based in India, Pilates Instructor & Studio Owner Henna joined me for a private 1:1 Training

Session whilst on her travels last year, we hit it off immediately & have kept in touch ever since!!

She took an online Training Session with me last week, & the subject of Release & its value within any training regime & indeed 'life' in general began!!!

What Are Your Thoughts?

  • What does 'Release' mean to you?

  • Do you spend time to release & let go of tension before you exercise?

  • Do you even need to release & if so why?

  • How do you begin to release?

  • Why is release important?

These are just some of the questions we discuss during our Live Chat, along with a simple fully instructed 20 minute 'Release' Session available for ANYONE to:

  1. begin to connect mind & body, let go of what we do not need

  2. find length of the frame of the body

  3. establish a beneficial breathing pattern which helps facilitate good movement

  4. improvement of posture

  5. connection of the all important Pilates Powerhouse, central to any Pilates Workout.


Check It Out Right Here!!!

I would LOVE to hear your feedback so please leave your comments in the Comment Box at the end of this article!!

And if release is something you feel you need in your life, simply book a private 1:1 Training Session with me & let me show you how..


Check out all four Release Tutorials (one of which is FREE) mentioned in the above Live Chat which are available to purchase on my Training Videos Shop!!

Happy to answer ANY questions so please don't hesitate to get in touch & let me know how I can help!!

Love n hugs


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