One Day Workshop

Katharine Jemmett & David Ortega Benitez 

Classical Pilates in Standing & Lumbo-Pelvic Stability

Hassocks Sports Centre - Sussex UK - BN6 8LP

Saturday 13th June 2020 - 10.30am until 5.30pm

Instructors Only

Katharine is thrilled to welcome David Ortega Benitez, Osteopath & Pilates Instructor from Madrid Spain, to the UK.

Together they will share their love of Pilates & the functionality it brings to ALL movement.


This is a fabulous opportunity for all levels of Pilates Instructors to take a step back from teaching,  

& work in their own bodies.

Classical Pilates in Standing & its Relationship to the Mat - Katharine Jemmett

Katharine will begin by getting you moving with a fully instructed Classical Pilates Matwork Masterclass. 


She will be translating some of the Classical Mat exercises into standing to help bring alive the importance of the relationship between the pelvis, spine & shoulder girdle with the feet.  


This is key both within the Classical Pilates Matwork Repertoire, & in everyday movements, as it helps us to find the all important muscles of the Posterior Chain which keep us upright & literally power the Powerhouse to move the body as one fully integrated whole.

Lumbo-Pelvic Stability - David Ortega-Benitez

David will follow, looking at Stability & Biotensegrity applied to the Pilates Method.


He will cover the following:


1. Push & Pull - The Secret of Transitions such as Squats & Rolling, etc.


2. The Core’s Function in Stability


3. The Hip - The Key of Mobility - Hip Dissociation - The Foot, Knee & Hip alignment


4. The Pilates Method - A training system for movement patterns 

The importance of Quadruped & Lateral Decubitus


5. Touch - Osteopathy applied to Pilates


6. L3 Vertebra - Breathing in movement - Diaphragm & Psoas.

The final part of the day will be a Question & Answer session, so please bring with you any Pilates & ‘Good Movement’ related issues, & together David & Katharine will work with you hands-on within the group setting.


It will be fun, supportive, educational & movement orientated; spaces are limited to a maximum of 20, so please read the Bookings Section below & email Katharine to secure your place ASAP!!!

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